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He answered very simply and closed his eyes, apparently waiting for the other party to be executed. "Do you think I dare not do it?" Said Gongsun yuanbo. Tan Laoer did not make a sound, but his face showed a distressed expression. Gongsun yuanbo looked at it as if it was true, but the situation was really unbelievable. He tried to resist the impulse to kill the man and said coldly, "You just said that even you don't know who hired you and why you want to stay here, right?" Tan Laoer only said "um", but he didn't even bother to open his cavity. Gongsun yuanbo added, "Then why did you come to this place? It's not that you don't have a clue, is it?"? I do not believe that you are possessed by ghosts and have come here unknowingly to guard this blind alley. Tan Laoer opened his eyes and replied, "There are many horse farms in Liaodong, which specialize in raising horses and supplying them to all parts of the country. I think Master Gongsun has heard about this." Gongsun yuanbo nodded his head and said, "I've heard of such a situation. Many outlaws who had no place to live inside the Shanhaiguan Pass fled to the outside. They either collected ginseng or threw themselves into the horse farm." Tan Laoer said, "Boss Zhou and I came from a big horse farm in Liaodong.". We all fled to the outside of Shanhaiguan Pass ten or twenty years ago, became sworn brothers with different surnames, and have worked together ever since. , GongSunyuanBo way: "So this time into the pass, by whom?"? For what? How can you not know? "Say it and you'll know," said Tan Laoer. Gongsun yuanbo said coldly, "But it's up to me whether I believe it or not." "Of course," said Old Tan. As I said before, if you don't believe me, we have nothing to complain about. "All right," said Gongsun yuanbo,smart interactive whiteboard, "tell me." "We two brothers," said Tan Laoer, "are already the best among the dozens of masters in the racecourse. So the owner of the racecourse told us one day that a friend of his had paid a lot of money to hire two reliable men to guard such a dead end lane for him. No one was allowed to break in. The owner had declared in advance that he would not ask the reason, nor would he have to see the person who hired us. He said that in this way, even if we were in danger, we could not leak any information. Gongsun yuanbo frowned and said, "Are you willing to accept this unknown task?" "Tan Laoer said." We were on the run outside the Shanhaiguan Pass in order to avoid crime, but now it's for silver. We can do anything. Gongsun yuanbo did not agree with what he said. "Even for money, you can't do everything,interactive kiosk price," he said! Do you not distinguish between right and wrong in people and things, and do not ask about good and evil? Tan Laoer was stupefied and said, "Right and wrong, good and evil?"? You're telling a joke! All my life, all I've seen is that power is everything. With power and wealth, whatever you do is right. ” "That's a terrible idea," said Gongsun yuanbo. Tan Laoer said, "We dawdle in the racecourse, always ready to fight with the fierce horse thieves.". Human life there is even cheaper than ants. If you are a little vague, you will lose your life immediately. The money you have worked so hard to accumulate and the wife you have married with great difficulty will become someone else's. "Is life so cruel over there?" Asked Gongsun yuanbo. "We're not bragging at all," said Mr. Tan. No one there can live to be old and weak. If anyone gets money and returns to the Shanhaiguan Pass quickly, he will lose his life sooner or later. Gongsun yuanbo said, "That's why you're all trying to get money so that you can get back inside the Shanhaiguan Pass, isn't it?" "Exactly," said Tan Laoer. Not only that, there is a vast area outside the pass, information kiosk price ,smart whiteboard price, mountains and forests are endless, rarely seen human habitation, only one month a year can wear single clothes, when it is really cold, it is really frozen thousands of miles, the old and infirm people often freeze to death. "Gongsun yuanbo nodded and said," It's really terrible. Tan Laoer said, "We must have gone through three or five hundred years of immigration and cultivation before human beings can live in such a place. Now only strong and strong people like us can stand it." "Well," said Gongsun yuanbo, "your order is to kill all who enter this lane. Is that right?" "Yes," said Old Tan. Even if a law-abiding citizen has no intention of entering by mistake, he will not let one go. This is our task. "If you kill them on the spot," said Gongsun yuanbo, "that's all right. If captured alive, who will deal with it? Tan Laoer said, "We live in this room at the entrance of the lane. If we capture someone alive, we will be imprisoned in a designated vacant room. At the same time, we will put a mark on the sign of a grocery store on the street. Naturally, someone will come and take him away at night." "Have you ever seen a man who took a prisoner away?" Asked Gongsun yuanbo. "Yes, I have," said Tan Laoer. "But for one thing, it was at night, and for another, the man's face was covered, so I couldn't see what it was." Gongsun yuanbo said, "Before I decide to deal with you in this way, I will first find out about your relationship with Boss Zhou.". In my opinion, he is a good man, a sullen man, and not easy to get along with, don't you think? Tan Laoer said, "Although he is sinister, he is very loyal to us." "If I had killed you," said Gongsun yuanbo, "he would have had your savings, wouldn't he?" Tan Laoer was stunned and said, "This, this.." Gongsun yuanbo said, "The acupoint under the eyes of Master Zhou was restricted and he lost consciousness." He can't hear anything we say. Besides, it's not easy for you to have a chance to escape. If you have something to say, you can say it. "If we die and he lives," said Tan Laoer, "our savings will of course belong to him, but we never worry about that." "Why?" Gongsun yuanbo exclaimed? You are also an old Jianghu. Do you really believe that Boss Zhou is a man who really values righteousness over money? Tan Laoer said frankly, "That's not true, but we have a lot of hobbies. Although we have made a lot of money, there is nothing left, so we don't have to worry about it." "Where is Boss Zhou?" Gongsun yuanbo asked, "doesn't he have any money left?" "He probably saved a little, but not much," said Tan Laoer. "But things are different now,digital signage screen," said Gongsun yuanbo. "Your job must be well paid, but you don't have time to spend it. In a few days, everyone can save a lot of money." 。 hsdtouch.com


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